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The Style Witch


The name of the business derives from my glamorous grandmother, who always joked that she "looked like a witch," which was hilarious. She was so vibrant, beautiful, and so funny. I loved that she didn't take herself too seriously, and I didn't want to either. 


The business' name also conjures the image of a witch doctor, one who cures ailments through natural ingredients, and causes you look and feel beautiful by using our magical potions (Oway). All products are natural and derived in the most responsible way. PETA approved cruelty free. Packaging is minimal, recyclable, and/or biodegradable. 

Tribute to my mother

Creative, beautiful, fierce, passionate, caring... my mother is one of my biggest positive influences in my life.  She was sweet and compassionate and my mom was badass!

She stood up to big corporations, worked with organizations to protect the environment, and fought to protect our precious earth. Through protest and activism, she taught her daughters how to stand up for what is right.

Sadly, we lost our sweet and feisty mother to a cancer without a known genetic link. Losing a beloved family member to cancer leaves us to wonder the causation of the disease. Could the cause have been environmental; something ingested or absorbed? It is my business mission to honor my mother's legacy and her passion by amplifying the notion that we can still be fashion forward without compromising our health, or the earth.